I know that Maami loves me. She’s never said so to me, but she’s shown me, with gentility and with fire. Her soft, perfumed bosom is home, her thick arms feel like bands of protection encircling me each time they wrap me in one of her powerful, most times sudden, embraces… [6mins]

You must take a year off, one of these days, before you’re old and tired and weighed down by responsibility. Go away somewhere, and read. Helon Habila

By the time Nana Ayi began to untie the white hen, Akosua’s heart was already threatening to burst out of her rib cage. She was angry, and this anger clearly showed in the contoured twitches which spread across her smooth-skinned face… [5mins]

This story was published in collaboration with The Writers Project of Ghana (WPG).

Opening with the puzzled and innocent view of a boy looking in on the adult world from outside, this collection follows the transition from childhood to adult life. Youthful desires for prosperity, love and a purpose in life are undermined by experiences of humiliation, compromise and a failure to communicate, in a process that reflects a wider disillusionment and decline in post-independence Zimbabwe.

A review by Darkowaa of AfricanBookAddict.com