For days, Adesuwa has been daydreaming of warm, red sand. She throws memories of it into everything she does. When she eats food conjured up in her apartment, she swallows painfully. When she makes use of the company of her loud African-American friends, or goes to the Nigerian restaurant close by to eat iyan with egusi, she still does not get the sweet taste of home… [5mins]

Swirls of dead ashes wafted out from the opposite shop, followed by the pull of something heavy, then the gentle sweep of the floor with a broom. More ashes, swirling and swirling, mingling with the dust from the sweeping and turning everywhere into a whitish gauze. Abu preferred to watch Mama Ghana this way, on most mornings… [10mins]

At first, everybody was excited about the coming year. The last day of the year was seen as an ideal time to reflect on doing things differently. For most, a time for reinvention, to start anew, but first to break the shackles off the old year… [1min]