Uzoamaka arrived at her aunt’s house in the early evening. The yellow taxi pulled up in front of the black gate and honked twice to signal her arrival, a young boy not older than sixteen opened the gate from inside and the taxi drove into the small compound… [10mins]

“I have been waiting for you the whole morning. Let’s have a look at it,” Professor Viran Moodley said, directing Fazel to sit on the sofa opposite him. They were in the lounge of the professor’s small, isolated home in Croftdene, on the edge of the Silverglen Nature Reserve… [6mins]

Each time we sit cross-legged in the mosque to listen to the Sheik, like we are sitting today, there is a trembling that happens in my chest. It is as if the words he is saying are vibrating my heart and shaking my body and making me to be sweating… [2mins]

This story was published as the winner of our 2018 Valentine’s Day Competition.