At first, everybody was excited about the coming year. The last day of the year was seen as an ideal time to reflect on doing things differently. For most, a time for reinvention, to start anew, but first to break the shackles off the old year… [1min]

Kandake’s dead, her body was found hanging from a tree, blood streaming between her thighs and cuts on her pale breasts. It was Kumkani, her twin brother who discovered her and after untying her rigid body, letting it slump onto him and holding it for a long time, he finally let out a piercing cry that woke the village… [8mins]

It had begun some weeks back when Isinam had gone to Connexions, the cybercafé she was used to frequenting. It was near the Federal Secretariat, some distance from her house behind Nsebisi Road, but didn’t have the power or connectivity issues those near home had. It was also comfortable—tiled floor, plush seats, flat screen monitors and opaque-walled cubicles that offered some privacy… [7mins]